The Spanish course for foreigners is designed for them to learn Spanish in a fun, real, and personalized way.

This course is aimed at all foreigners who wish to learn the Spanish language used in our country, in Latin America and in Ibero-America.

Studying a language involves effort, but it doesn't have to be boring. On the contrary, it should be easy, simple, and fun. 


Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and it’s the second most spoken language in the USA.
Tourists are interested in learning it because it is a language in growing use. 
If your desire is to travel around Latin America or Ibero-America, you should learn it now. 

  1. You will be able to understand Latin America cuisine, culture, and traditions.
  2. You will be able to enjoy the literature of our writers and poets.
  3. If you know how to use Spanish, you will be able to learn other romance languages, such as Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and French.
  4. Make friends in different Spanish-speaking countries and keep in touch with them.
  5. Enjoy the art and music of Latin America.
  6. Spanish at our institution is easy to learn.
  7. If you want to study at a school, college, or university, speaking Spanish will help you a lot.
  8. Imagine studying Spanish in the middle of the world, the most spectacular place to learn it.
  9. Our teachers have a vast experience in teaching Spanish.
  10. Our teachers’ methodology will make your learning an unforgettable experience.
  11. You will interact with your teachers all the time.
  12. You will also have the chance of visiting some beautiful places of our city and country.
  13. You will use your Spanish in supermarkets, stores, restaurants, etc., in real situations.
Grammar reflection activities, with carefully reviewed explanations and examples
Practice activities to reinforce learning.
Attention to the lexicon with sections to collect and work on vocabulary in a personal and meaningful way.
Integration of cultural aspects occurs in a natural way in the various activities of each unit.
Revised and expanded grammar, both within the units and in the More grammar section.
Interactive experience with all the digital resources of Aula Internacional Plus on Campus Diffusion, flipbook, and interactive digital book in HTML

This course offers a modern, effective, and understandable tool that brings the most advanced communicative approaches to the Spanish classrooms. A permanent teacher-student interaction allows the real use of the language and experiential situations generate spontaneity and naturalness in the language.


To develop the communicative skills of oral expression, writing, reading, and listening through an integrated process that enhances the interpretative, argumentative, and propositional skills, using Spanish as a means of intercommunication in everyday environments.

Evaluation & Certification
  1. You can take our on-site or virtual classes.
  2. We certify the knowledge of your Spanish with the international prestige SIELE certificate.
  3. The SIELE test certifies the level of Spanish language proficiency for young people and adults who speak Spanish as a second or foreign language.
  4. All tests are done electronically and students may choose the date and time to take the test.
  5. Test results will be available after three weeks.